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Word Counter Tool

What is a Word Counter?

Word Counter as the name suggests is tool available online which counts the number of words you have typed. A word counter not only counts the number of words but also counts the characters, paragraphs, sentences and so on.

word counter tool
word counter tool

What is the use of Word Counter?

An Online Word Counter Tool is very useful for content creators, bloggers and website owners. Word Counter Tool helps bloggers to count the number of words they have written in their articles. When it comes to publish content online, one needs to take care of the content he has written means the quality of the content as well as how how long content he has written. More the words in your article fast your article will be indexed. Even Google also considers promoting blog or article with about minimum 800 words. Therefore here word counter comes into play. Word Counter can be used by bloggers to count or to analyse how long article or post they have written and mow much more they have to write more in order to be organically indexed by Google.

Guide to use this Word Counter.

0 word 0 character 0 characters without spaces 0 unique word 0 sentence 0 paragraph

How to Use Word Counter Tool?

Using a word counter tool is very easy and we have developed our word counter tool in such a way that even a newbie can easily predict the usage of our word counter tool and use it for their convenience.

Follow the steps below to use our Word Counter Tool
  • Start writing your article or content in the text area given above in Word Counter Tool or just paste your content in our Word Counter Tool.
  • Now once you have finished writing the content in the word counter tool,  it will automatically show the results or the count.

This Word Counter Tool can be used to Count the following
  • Words
  • Characters
  • Characters without spaces
  • Unique word
  • Sentence
  • Paragraph

Is there any limit of Words Counts in our Word Counter?

Unlike many word counters on the internet, our word counter tool has no limit of word count. This means that if your article have 10,000 words or 1,00,000 words or infinite words you can easily use this word counter to count the number of words in your article. On the other hand many word counter have limit to count 1000 word or 700 words and if you want to count more them you have to pay them for this simple counting task.

Is this Word Counter free to use?

Using our Word Counter is absolutely free and you need not to pay anything in any way for using it.
Even you can share this Word Counter with your friends so that they can also take help of this Word Counter to minimize their work.

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